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5 Tips on Men's Streetwear Fashion

5 Tips on Men's Streetwear Fashion

Fashion has become a big part of our lives today. Ever heard of an “influencer”? Yes. Right. Imagine getting paid for having a great dressing sense and influencing people. 

Streetwear styling has emerged over the years. The best part about streetwear clothing is that this style can be worn irrespective of gender but are often connected with men’s clothing. Like pants, jackets etc…. The trend has no age requirements though the younger generations such as Generation Z ( Gen Z for short), and Millennials usually set the fashion trends.

Streetwear clothing look is something that encompasses a huge variety of clothing types and aesthetics. However, what defines this style is the ability to appear put-together while staying casual and comfortable at the same time.

Hence, streetwear clothing is often about relaxed and comfortable pieces and the styling of clothes. 

Without further ado let’s learn about some Streetwear clothing tips to up your fashion game.

1. BE SNEAKER SAVVY (The Sneaker Head)

Invest in a good pair of sneakers. Comfortable and easy to wear and style. In streetwear This decision can havd a big impact on your overall style and therefore, make or break your whole outfit. 

Especially a pair of classic white sneakers(Nike Air force Ones). One can never go wrong with them. Can be paired with absolutely any type of clothing. Be it a casual denim outfit paired with streetwear jackets, even a formal office-going suit. A pair of white sneakers can be styled with anything and everything. But apart from all that, sneakers are something that goes hand in hand with streetwear clothing/fashion. 

Also, a Neet Freak tip while wearing a pair of sneakers. Socks are very important, do make sure you have the right pair of socks. Socks make a difference. #stayNEET


Talking about fashion and not about leather in the same line is as vague as missing sugar in a sugary sweet. Leather jackets, leather pants, leather belts, or whatever you name in leathers. Whatever your take is on fashion, if you are not a sucker for leather, you don’t have great taste. Haha.

Leather is something that has always been cool and was never outdated. 

Though it is expensive, the feel, comfort, and luxury of leather can be found nowhere else. Not just that, unlike traditional textiles, leather gets better with time. So, isn’t this investment an investment that is worth it? 

Now, what are you waiting for? Invest in some good leather!!!!


Well, a little or big 🤣 obnoxiously oversized clothes never harmed anyone. It's pretty common for girls to raid their boyfriends, brothers, and fathers' wardrobe. Especially during winter, stealing jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and whatnot? And not just these, we have been preoccupied with men’s oversized formal/ casual suits like our  Messy hoodie, out of the world hoodie, etc.

Women & Men both have been obsessed with oversized clothing lately. So why not make up a similar part in your wardrobe? Try the baggy look if you haven't. It's very comfortable, cool, and in my opinion simple but stylish. Which ultimately makes you feel comfortable. 


Funky colors have always been the life of streetwear clothing. Don’t settle for those only neutrals like black, beige, brown, etc… every time. We all know that one friend that wears only neutrals. Play with colors. Make a big deal about your clothing. Mix and match. Learn them. See which color suits you. Find out. Make sure the colors you are choosing complement each other. For example; if you are wearing a vibrantly printed t-shirt, then pair basic blue denim with it or trousers/chinos. 


Denim but precisely denim jeans. Denim jeans are the S of streetwear clothing. Invest in them. They are something you can style with anything. Denim jeans or denim jackets for men are wardrobe staples. So grab a good and comfortable pair of denim jeans for your wardrobe. Having 2 quality pairs is better than having 10 useless pairs. Be wise and take your time while making your decision. Denims that fit well and pass the quality test usually become our favorite pairs of jeans. Especially if you want to upgrade your streetwear game, you eventually need to buy one classic pair on denim jeans.

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