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Men’s hat: The least talked about Men’s accessories

Men’s hat: The least talked about Men’s accessories

Men's hats are the least talked about and appreciated accessory by far. However, slowly with time, they are getting the applause and recognition they deserve especially when it comes to men's streetwear fashion. Hats are becoming a daily men’s accessory for more and more modern gentlemen, reminding us of a time when men were reluctant to leave the house without one.

Some styles may seem a bit tricky to pull off, but we can’t think of a better way to add to any look or cover up a bad hair day. 

Below we have put together this list of the different types of best hats for men’s hats to help you win compliments and know their significance—from the beach to the ski resort, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s know the 4 best hats for men that will complement your outfits and be aware that you might end up going for a much-needed hat shopping after this.


Skull caps. These street fashion staple caps are worn mostly by working professionals such as doctors and nurses. They wear skull caps to secure their hair during surgery or worn by Chefs while cooking to keep hair out of their twice-braised beef. Skully cap is considered to be the epitome of street style. Motorcycle riders, football players, and construction workers wear skull caps to make their helmets and hard hats more comfortable. 

These caps are uber cool and stylish. The cap is are mostly made of a thinner material.


Amongst the other common men's hats, The most usual and the most worn cap. The trucker cap. Almost every kid out there has had it at some point. It is especially worn to safeguard oneself from heat and sun. A trucker hat also known as a mesh cap or netback cap is a type of baseball cap. As the name itself signifies, the trucker caps were prominently worn by truck drivers, farmers, and ranchers. They would feature a logo placed on the front of the cap. The motive of the cap was to get working men to advertise their suppliers for free. You can say what we call modern-day PR or marketing. So these trucker's caps were made for the working man.


Nothing can ever replace the classic baseball cap in this category.

Back in 1848, there was a  baseball team called the knickerbockers, out of New York City. During the match, the players would wear straw caps on their heads to shield themselves from the sun, which became the first version of the cap we now know and love.

Today, the iconic baseball call in its own right is as much a fashion item as a piece of sportswear. A street-style staple, celebrities, and sports stars often turn to a baseball cap to go incognito or to hide a bad mop of hair. It is a major part of the wardrobe of many celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, etc…


Coming to the next category in the men’s hats, Bucket hats were mostly worn by workers to block them from the rain and sun. These hats were officially known as the fisherman’s hat. 

With the return of all things, the 90s showed no signs of slowing down, and the return of the Bucket Hat was clearly expected. Bucket hats are now considered the epitome of street-style fashion with their wide, downward-sloping brims, resembling an inverted bucket! Musicians, actors, etc…have all made this hat a must-have to channel the urban-cool look. Big Brands like Prada sort of brought back the trend into the mainstream. 


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